A little woe

Woe is me. Me and my mastitis (if you don’t know, you don’t want to!) and my stiff neck that is finally moving a bit. My homeopathic stash that mom brought from London last year is saving me. Arnica gel gives good instant relief for the neck. I’ve been trying to sleep more and so haven’t been on line much.

The little folk around here seem to be getting ill just in time for the weekend: a green snotty nose here, a little (okay a lot of) diarrea there, infrequent coughing, frequent whining and shrieking. I just reminded myself that Sophie stuck q-tips in her ears and said, “I Sheck, mama.” Funny girl.

Lexy’s play is this weekend. Please, whomever oversees these things, let him remember all his lines even though he didn’t practice much. Otherwise he will collapse into a puddle and I’ll need a sponge to get him home. I was very encouraged though tonight while reading Harry Potter. Yes, again. They wanted to start Prisoner Of Azkaban again, I think because of the upcoming film. We were on the first chapter and came to the part where it’s Harry’s birthday and the three owls come to him in the night. Now, mind you, we read all five books in a row last year, and only read each one once. Since it’s April Fool’s day, I was being silly and saying that Harry looked out the window and saw (instead of what was printed) “Lexy, naked as a jay bird with a bow and arrow pretending to be Cupid! Ha ha ha!” I kept that up until it got old, then did it a few more times. Anyway, we got to the part where Errol was exhausted and Harry picked him up. I said, “. . . and fried him up and ate him in a single bite.” Lexy laughed and said, “No, mom, he put him in Hedwig’s cage and gave him a drink of water!!!” He was exactly right. It’s spooky. That is a long book and we read it long ago and he remembers the tiny details like that.

I’m never going to get away with anything with that one.

The first grade sex scandal is getting really snippy and horrid among some of the moms and it’s kind of my fault. I didn’t intend anything bad, but I told one of the other moms about what had happened because Lexy plays with her daughter and was going to go over after school. My thought was that the mom could make sure the kids were in earshot and that all hands stayed on deck. Instead, all the moms now know that K wanted to experiment with Lexy and they came to K’s mom all upset and pissy. Yikes. Then K’s mom called me and we talked. Luckily, she is very nice and I am not too proud to apologize when I need to. I think she understood my motive, and could tell that the last thing I wanted was to hurt their family. She kept her daughter home yesterday, but was back today. I’m really relieved we’ll be starting at a new school in the fall.

The other day I went to get Lex after school and the road was closed because a man was on the overpass trying to jump off. I looked up at him and the first thing I thought was that he was standing in such a beautiful area (highway 17, near the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains) and how sad it was that he wanted to be dead when there is so much beauty in the world. That’s probably a stupid thing to think, but it was what popped into my head. When I got up closer I saw all the gawkers and it made me very glad that Nate and Soph weren’t with me. Poor man. And, I did also think he was kind of an asshole because the overpass wasn’t high up enough to kill him (I don’t think, anyway) and there are better ways to get help when you need it. I was also really late getting Lexy from school and I knew he’d be worried. See, I’m really not all that nice.

Willow has a 9:15 doctor’s appointment. Ick. So, early to bed and all that.

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