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You know, most of my day was kinda shit. I even cried. Oh poor me, I know. The parts that didn’t make me cry were pretty good, though. I bought the kids’ ornaments (at the hell pit called Kohl’s — now I know that my mom isn’t giving me those $10 off things to be nice. That place bites.) Every year I get them a Christmas ornament (or a few) so that when they grow up and move away, they’ll have enough for a tree of their own. (Note to self; Blogging Baby post material!)

I got to sew tonight. Sophie and I made a tooth fairy pillow for her friend’s birthday gift. He’s pretty cute — I’ll get some pictures before we wrap him up.

The bonus about being all droll and morose is that it’s a good time for thinking. (Also, listening to sad music.) Maybe the thoughts aren’t chipper, but they can be deeper than when you’re feeling all fine and good.

My thoughts today when I was sobbing behind the wheel of my minivan weren’t especially deep, and I may have been channeling Mitzi from Six Feet Under. My main thought (in her accent) was, “These kids need to help me more and do some goddamned chores! Little shits!”

I didn’t say the morose thoughts were always deep.

Also, just to be clear, I was not crying about the chores. It was just a thought.

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  1. Suebob

    I love the new whatdoyoucall it, banner, flag, theme thingy at the top of the page. Or maybe it isn’t new and I’m just terribly unobservant.

    I have been feeling martyred too. Totally an inside job in my case. I signed up for all this stuff and then go around grumbling about it.

  2. capello

    i totally hate kohl’s. i don’t care how good their prices are, i refuse to go there.

    and i get the boys a new ornament every year too! it’s gonna be interesting to see what i get them when they are teenagers.

  3. javajabber

    I’ve been doing the ornament thing since my first born had his first Christmas.

    By the time he was married (age 26), I gave all to him.

    My oldest daughter … same thing, except that she no longer celebrates Christmas … she’s Jewish now. Plus, we haven’t seen her in the last year (her choice, not ours).

    My youngest will be 20 a week from today … and she’ll get hers when she gets her first tree in her own place.

    They all loved the idea. And yes, it’s hard to just get one!

    As far as your feelings go, maybe a “Mom is on Strike” sign needs to go up on the lawn.

    On occasion I felt overwhelmed by what I was doing for everyone and getting no help. But since all I did was complain and STILL do what had to be done, no one paid attention.

    They did the week I just let everything go. It’s amazing how fast everyone helps when they realize YOU aren’t going to do it!

    Just a thought. If you decide to do it, you HAVE to be strong. NO caving in after the first 8 hours. It would be equal to always saying to the kids, “I’m going to ground you for the rest of your life,” and never actually doing it. Know what I mean?

    Virtual hugs.


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