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The girls got one of their favorite weird treats (frozen hash browns, anyone?) the other day.  I gave them each a tiny glass ramekin of mac and cheese cheese powder (blech, but they beg for it).  I tucked the envelopes behind the toaster and went to fold a load of laundry while the pasta cooked.  How stupid am I???  OF COURSE they got into the rest of the cheese.  I got to bathe them, clean the table, and mop the floor, and they got to discover that they don’t really like mac and butter. 

I think that someone should start a dork cooking accident of the week.  Here is my entry:

I was making a lemon tart in a tart pan.  A real tart pan is in two pieces; the disc at the bottom and the circle for the outer edge, which has a little lip to keep the side piece on.  Then, after the tart is baked, you slip the side off and admire your pretty, upright crust on the side.  I prebaked the crust, which you do when making a fruit tart, and here’s where the dorkness comes in.  I took the pan out of the oven and what did I do but slide my potholdered left hand UNDER the pan to take it out of the oven.  I ended up with a several-hundred degree bracelet on my wrist.  I did manage to save the crust, and the burn isn’t painful at all today, though I will have three little brands on my hand and wrist to remind me to pay attention. 

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  1. capello

    Why don’t they just sell the packets of the cheese mix, anyway? There’s a HUGE demand for it.

    And OUCH! about your wrist (actually, my language is a lot worse than “ouch,” but I’m trying to tone it down).

  2. shannon

    🙂 Those girls! My dad and his brothers would= sneak downstairs at mignight and devour “sugar butter” – exactly what it sounds like, all the sugar and butter they could find mushed together and eaten by the handful. Ouch! on the burn – hate that. Nigella Lawson’s cookbook features everything, basically, in a springform pan, so I’ve had to be more careful these days not to let a similar thing happen.

  3. Marsha

    Probably because I don’t have to clean up the mess, but there is a part of me which is jealous of all the fun your girls are having lately. I can just imagine them giggling around the house getting into mischief, how fun. Sorry about your wrist and all the messes!


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