Meet Bea

The more I read (in my grandmother's book) about my great-grandmother, Bea, the more I want to learn about her.  For a person so interested in and close to my family, I'm shocked by how little I do know about her.  Reading about her has really sparked something in me, goofy as that sounds.  I especially love this quote from my grandmother's book:

Before the days of the automatic washing machine and perma-press clothes, all good housewives washed on Monday, ironed Tuesday, mended Wednesday, baked Thursday, and cleaned house Friday.  Mama was usually off schedule by Tuesday.  Her sprinkled clothes, rolled into tight balls like giant Easter eggs, nestled in the bottom of the ice box to keep them from mildewing while we had a picnic or made a freezer of ice cream. 

When I read that for the first time, I said out loud, Oh RIGHT ON!

I mean, how can you not want to know more about a woman who happily agreed to pack up her six month old baby and go on a road trip from Missouri to Colorado with her husband?  In 1914.  She was just, I don't know; super cool, ahead of her time, unique. 


Bea with Ed in the Petrified Forest
I'm so calling my grandmother for more stories soon. 

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