Willow has all sorts of teeth poking through and keeping her up, so here we are. Today (well Tuesday today, not Wednesday) she walked more than one or two steps in a row. We were in Lex’s classroom and she took off. A slow and wobbly take off, but it was walking. Then later at the last day of rock climbing class (thankyouthankyouthankyou) she enjoyed the wide open cushy floor.

And Sophie wore underpants for most of the day and peed in the little potty. It has its own tp roll and a place to store books (Dora the Explorer and a Mister Rogers potty tome). Best of all, she won’t fall in again. That slowed our progress a bit.

Lexy has a science project to cart to school tomorrow. My mom will be cussing me out under her breath tomorrow morning though as she tries to carry a fish tank half full of water from the car to the class. It’s a long walk even when your hands are empty. We made a home barometer so of course the weather did not change for 8 days. It sort of made it a boring *but easy!* project.

John came home with Return of the King and Bubba HoTep, neither of which I’ve seen. I heart Joe Landsdale (he wrote Bubba HoTep), sick and twisted though he is. Who knows when I will see either? Not because I’m too busy (though I am), or because I have to spend my time without the big kids this week with the kids and their dad and his girlfriend at the science fair (yay, me!), but because Willow, of all people, got ahold of the dvd remote and messed that shit up! I thought I had figured it out a few times, but we just cannot get picture to go with the audio.

Yeah, I tried that.
That, too.

I unplugged the thing, hoping it would reset itself. No dice. I’ve checked the wires and run through all the stuff I could think of. Our Willow, little Dickens in the making.

I recently ordered a gift for my brother’s birthday in July and some party favors for Soph’s bash and a couple of gifts and some fabric. Because I am not using my credit cards. Right. Everything was super cheap, and mostly necessary. The fabric is to alter some 501’s I got for free so I’ll have something new (and something that fits) to wear when we go to Toronto. I have never left the US. About time.

I think John is home, so it must be late. Or early, depending on how you look at that sort of thing.

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