Mom, my arm looks like a u-turn.

That was what Lexy said to me in the e r at the hospital today, and he was right. He was standing on the blacktop at recess and his friend accidentally

(okay, when I was typing this on Friday night, somebody woke up and needed me. Then someone else did. Then all of a sudden it was 2:30am and when John turned off the computer he saved my post, which in blogger saves it for later, but in typepad publishes it. This is the first chance I have had to get back on line to tell the tale. Of course, someone just started crying. Maybe it’s just a dream. Now it’s 1:10 am on Sunday)

knocked him over. I think he fell to the left, put his left hand down to catch himself, and twisted his arm as he landed. His right hand had scrapes too, but only his left knee was scratched up, the right looked fine. His arm was freakishly bent about half way between his elbow and wrist. He looked like Harrrrrry Pottttter in the second movie when he fell off his broom. When the school called, I was getting ready to walk Nate to school. John was home, but getting ready to go to work. So, we got everyone into the van and went to drop off Nate and take Lexy to the hospital.

When I walked into the office, he was sitting on the little bed in the nurse’s station. He had a big baby blue blanket piled up under his arm, and the nurse had tied a splint to his arm and a sling around his neck. He had ice on his arm, and a towel so he couldn’t see it. He looked up at me when I walked in

(kay, now it’s 10:30 Sunday night. I got interrupted again last night. Let’s see if I can finish so we can go watch the Station Agent, which I have been wanting to see for months.)

with the saddest face and said, “Mom. . . ” which made me cry. When I finally saw his arm I thought I was going to throw up. Not because I’m squeamish, but because he’s my baby and it was so gruesome and painful looking. I’ll try and photograph the x-ray when we get it on Tuesday for his follow up with the ortho surgeon.

To wrap it all up (I think the computer just got booted off line, so I’ll make it quick and be done), he didn’t need surgery, but will be in the cast for a good while. The bones in his arm bent really far and cracked about halfway through. He only had tylenol (that I brought to the school) for the pain until about an hour later when he was given 1cc of morphine in the hospital. I was surprised that he wasn’t in shock, but now looking back I think he was in a sort of lucid shock, if that is possible. I think that I was in shock, too. It wouldn’t be too strong to say that I’m having some post-traumatic stress about the whole thing, so I can only imagine how shaken he is.

I did want to write, so I’ll remember, that while lifting him and helping him with things I have been struck by how big he’s grown. He’ll be eight in a few weeks, and he’s really not such a little boy anymore. His shoulders are getting broader, his head is big, he’s heavy; he just looks more grown up. I’m so used to parenting little babies and kids, I’m starting to feel like a novice all over again.

There’s lots more I could say, but I’ve got to go watch this movie and get my child-free time in so I don’t go totally bonkers. The nursemaid thing is something I don’t mind, but it is tiring.

4 thoughts on “Mom, my arm looks like a u-turn.

  1. santosha

    oh no! gosh, i’d read that first little line and then it went away and now the whole story is here- poor lexy. please send our best healing wishes to him! and to you!

  2. Jamie

    Wow ! I hope everyone is hanging in there..When my oldest was 7yo he did an acrobatic feat off the monkey bars and broke his arm 🙁 Those boys..fortunately the fibercast cast CAN get wet but they itch just the same..sending good thoughts 🙂

  3. jenny

    i’d read the first line and then it disappeared, and I thought I had imagined it ever being there!

    when my little sister broke her arm, she had to be driven from her school to the hospital in an ambulance (the bone broke skin). She never cried until my dad arrived at the hospital and the two of them made eye contact. and my dad, who is never squeamish, really did throw up upon seeing her arm.

    sending good thoughts and hoping lexy will be feeling better soon.

  4. Lisa B-K

    Oh dear. Good to see he’s toughing it out.

    Also? That baby’s butt is the cutest thing EVAH. It makes me think of baby butts in MY house! NO! I’ll keep looking at yrs if that’s OK.

    I finally added you to my blog and I’m at LJ too — themowingdevil is my nick.


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