No rules charades

Willow is standing in the middle of the living room, and we are all watching her, except for Lex who is watching Hulu in his room.  It’s her turn, and she’s pretending to climb, like maybe up a tree or a pole or something, but you can definitely tell she is climbing.  We know she’s trying to be an animal, and for a hint she says, It starts with a Ceeee.  So, of course, I yell Koala!  And she says, YES, and SG goes, Huh – koala starts with a K, dude, and I said, If you wanna win, you have to think like a six year old.

Sophie, of course, had the best run, but I can’t remember all the ones she did.  There was the one where she got on her back and flopped around: Hobo having a seizure; and the one where she pointed to her foot, so we all yelled FOOT, and then to her brother’s crotch, and I said, OhMyGod, *sigh* Football?

I think the very best was the one where she sat, her chin resting on her knees which were drawn up to her chest.  I’m a kind of food, she said, and then didn’t move, didn’t even blink I don’t think.  So we started guessing foods that she likes, and then she yelled, It’s my FAVORITE spice!  Without missing a beat, Nathan yelled PARMESAN CHEESE! and SG and I laughed until we cried, while she pointed out that she was sitting triangle shaped.  Trust me, it was funny as hell in person.  It’s like playing charades with Salvador Dali, if he were smoking opium; but in a good way, you know?

This week begins the 6 days a week of sports routine that will be here for the next few months.  Willow has softball Monday nights and Saturday mornings AT 8:30 EVERY SATURDAY UNTIL MAY.  Soph has soccer Wednesday nights and Saturdays, and the boys have wrestling Tues/Thurs/Sun nights.  We will blow off the Sunday wrestling, I think, because it’s 30 miles from here and ends too late to be out on a school night.  Still, though, our schedule is gnarly full and that’s not even the science projects and homework and skateboard riding and guitar playing and all that.  I’m not complaining, though.  I love it even though it’s relentless.  Willow’s first softball practice was last night and holy crap you never saw anything so cute as her little team.  The batting helmets are so big on them you think they’ll wobble right over, but they can all hit off the tee and Willow even got a couple of ground balls with her new mitt that SG got her.  I can’t wait to see them in their little uniforms with their visors. 

I like this.  I like the crazy busy, fifty things a week.  Sure it’s a pain and super expensive and no doubt I will gripe about keeping it all straight, but I love tucking them into bed when they’re worn out from having fun.  I don’t spend as much time with my kids as I wish I could, and it feels like we’re doing stuff they’ll always remember. 

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  1. Marina

    I definitely want to play “No rules charades”! I got home from my kids’ school, having juggled three (important) conversations, a phone call from a sick child and a text from my (absent) husband at the same time. I was so agitated I had a beer. Then I checked my balance (why?) and had another beer and abandoned my plans to study to read blogs instead. Thank you for the perspective!


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