We’ve been hangin with Vanessa and Zac


Willow turned seven yesterday and has been watching High School Musical movies every waking moment since just to drive that point home.  Nathan gripes and moans and literally writhes in agony about it (while sitting on the couch watching with the rest of us).


If you subscribe to the Waldorf theory about kidrearing, that puts all four of my kids (7, 8, 11, 13) right in the phase where they’re most interested in their friends, so I’m thinking, Hey! I’m kinda done here.


Kidding, of course.  I still have to feed them and drive them all over the free world.

Yesterday Sean sent me this link, so at lunchtime I walked over to the grocery store and picked up My Very Own Box of crayons.  


I’m not sharing, because I need this box for the next year or so, and this is the fate of poor, hapless crayons around here:


Thru this Saturday is week 12: macaroni and cheese



Check out the flickr pool, pick up your own box of crayons, dust off the camera and play along on the home game.  If the sun comes out this weekend, I’ll catch up on the first eleven colors.

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  1. shannon

    This is beautiful. The 64 days of color photos that is. Do you have a twitter account? I recently joined twitter and I must say that its quite interesting.


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