PE, thirty years later

How much do I love our Domo toaster? SO MUCH

You guys.  How could I NOT buy the Domo toaster?  
If, back when I was in the 7th grade, someone told me that in thirty years I would voluntarily come back to my junior high and run 2.16 miles on the track I would have slapped them.  Okay.  Revising.  I was mostly too polite to slap people, but I was the kid with the note to not run in PE.  You know that kid.  The one with exercise-induced bronchial spasms?  Yeah.  I would have been aghast.  But, there I was Sunday evening, three and a half months after starting the Couch to 5K workout app thing, running my Week 5, Day 1 on my old junior high school track.  
Nate and Sophie go to that school, and I know that both of them would be *horrified* to find me out.  My incredibly cool running playlist can’t make up for my blinding pink running shoes and oversized headphones that I wear to keep my ears from getting too cold and achy.  Also?  I was wearing one of Nate’s old Vans thermal shirts to keep me warm.  The whole time I jogged/walked, I was cracking up about it all, and that, too, would have sent both of them into an hour-long eyeroll.  Or, you know, maybe they wouldn’t care too much.  Yesterday the boys were checking out Kraftwerk videos online, and as they both were saying how cool they were, they said they figured they weren’t telling me anything I didn’t already know.  Still, I think I’ll keep my jogging to the park and the treadmill at the Y.  Once around the junior high track for old times’ sake was good enough for me.  

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