Quicksilver park



We went for a five mile walk around suppertime yesterday.  The big kids were away and Willow wanted to be carried (so. sore. this. morning.) so we didn’t make too much noise and saw lots of wildlife.  Deer, of course and a rabbit. 

  Quicksilverevening_013 M found a tiny caterpillar.

Quicksilverevening_014 Willow threw rocks into the water and talked to the ducks.

Quicksilverevening_040 Look at this picture very closely and you’ll see a bobcat (!)

9 thoughts on “Quicksilver park

  1. Jenijen

    If you click on the photo so it’s bigger, you’ll barely see the bobcat if you go about an inch toward 9 o’clock from the center. It is a little lighter brown than the color of the trees.

  2. John

    I’ve added a convenient bobcat-finder note to the photo on my Flickr page – just click on the flickr badge and go from there.

  3. Marsha

    What a lovely walk. I have been stuck carrying my little one before too. Their little legs get tired or they get bored, what a workout. I cannot wait for it to get a bit warmer and start to blossom here.

  4. Mom

    I’d just like to know why, when you obviously had not 1 but 2 men with you – you ended up carrying the 3 yr old? The 3 yr old that weighs as much as your 4, nearly 5 yr old? Just wondering. Moms wonder about things like that.


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