This morning I got up super early with a sweetly cheerful Willow. The boys were up soon after, dragging their blankets down the hall with them so they could sit on the couch and watch cartoons we checked out from the library. I fed Willow some yogurt, then made coffee and went out to get the paper. As I went down the walkway it started to sprinkle. I love the rain. I love the rain when it hasn’t rained in a very long time. I love the smell and the feel of the air. I love the chill and the grey clouds and the strong breeze and the music it coaxes from all the windchimes nearby. I love to see the sidewalk turn grey drop by fat drop.

I got the paper, then moved the stroller, sidewalk chalk and a bike or two to the porch, put the mostly dismantled camping tent under the awning, and brought Nate’s leather belt in from the picnic table. I opened the windows, and made popovers with Sophie, who licked the bowl that we used to melt the butter. Everyone enjoyed them, except Lexy, who took one bite and politely said he didn’t care for them. I’ve never made them for the kids before, and I was hoping he’d like them. I think he could feel the texture of the eggs too much.

After the older kids left with their dad, we put on a TelllEtubbbies dvd for Willow so we could read the Sunday paper and drink coffee in peace. We’re so bad. She loves it, though. The rest of the afternoon was spent napping, getting groceries, watching this movie (which was really excellent, though I did have to smack John a couple of times for not telling me that it would make me cry), and baking chocolate chip cookies. Although I said several times out loud, “I hate the mess!” I took it easy and didn’t do much housework beyond dishes and laundry. The day stayed cool and grey and breezy. John and I both said how we’d love to have this weather every day.

Lexy is feeling way better, and goes back to the doctor on wednesday to see how he’s healing. Last time we went (tuesday) I looked at the x-rays taken the day he was injured and was amazed to see that I saw something totally different. In the hospital I looked at them and saw the bones bent, but only broken half way through. In the later viewing, it was very clear that both bones in his arm were completly broken. I guess I was in shock and wanted to make things a little easier on myself. At that tuesday follow up visit he had an x-ray that showed one of the bones wasn’t quite set correctly. They removed his cast and the doctor sort of massaged the bone back into place before applying a new, green, cast. It was painful, but Lex did really well and made jokes with the doctor and staff. After the bone was aligned properly, most of his pain was gone and he immediately had better use of his fingers. The swelling in his fingers went down soon after. He hasn’t had any medicine since then, either. The cast should come off in four more weeks, after he turns eight.

I think that I’ll go work on some christmas ornaments and get some sleep. I hope the weather lasts a bit longer before it gets hot again.

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  1. shannon

    “I think he could feel the texture of the eggs too much. ” Oh, Lexy and I are certainaly kindred spirits – crepes too, and flan – tsste too eggy for me, can’t do ’em. So glad he’s healing up now!


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