Some like it hot

good morning

I suddenly love the summertime.  I used to dread and fear the heat so much that I could hardly enjoy the fruit and light and sandy lint trap in my dryer, but after five plus years of practicing yoga in a screamin hot studio, learning how to calmly become one with the heat and not let it make me panic, I’m cured, which has come in real handy the last week or so.   
The kids have been out of school for not quite two weeks and they’re living like college students without any classes or booze (and, I dearly hope, sex), top ramen and all.  My mom and stepdad are having their backyard completely overhauled, so Lulu has been coming to spend time with us pretty often.  She gets here while the kids are all still asleep, and our routine now is that I make a cup of coffee, get back in bed with my laptop and notepad, and she jumps up and sleeps at my feet while I work.  
Lulu comes over early in the morning and cuddles in bed with me while the kids all sleep and I work. #summertime
So now I really, really want a dog.  
My little brother came to town for work and I got to see him yesterday.  Excellent timing.  We went out to dinner with our mom and stepdad 
It's my brother (making a face) and part of my lavender martini
then came back to my place where the kids had cleaned up and baked cupcakes (butt-shaped cupcakes, since he sent her a BOOTY cupcake tin for her birthday) and set up a surprise party, complete with hiding in the closet and jumping out at us when we walked in the door.  
I remembered not to cry until nearly midnight.  It was great.  

2 thoughts on “Some like it hot

  1. Sara

    Love the pic of the star in the window. I sorely need to be one with heat–haven’t managed it so far, which is why I live in a place that closes its borders to summer for 7 months of the year. Cheers to having a good day, seeing family, loving a dog, and eating butt-shaped cupcakes.
    I would be very interested to see the overhauled backyard. If you can, take a picture of it when it’s done and send it to me.


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