Sophie likes her coffee black

John and Willow are out at a barbeque. The big kids and I are home slacking mostly. I did dishes and mopped the kitchen, a little laundry. The place still looks like it was turned upside down and shook really hard. But, I am done for today.

My mom traded my cell phone in for a new one. It is so cute. I’m totally spoiled.

I went to the library all alone! It was too hot for much movement, so nobody wanted to tag along. I took back most of the stuff we had out and got lots of new things. A few videos for the kids, a couple of books on tape for nighttime and three books for me. Usually when we go, John and I don’t get to browse because we are chasing the little hellions through the mystery section or something. I got Out, by Natsuo Kirino, Four Souls, by Louise Erdrich, and Mucho Mojo, by Joe Lansdale. I’ve been reading the Leonard and Hap novels by Joe Lansdale and listening to Townes Van Zandt lately. I think I’m turning into an East Texas man.

We met Nate’s kindergarten teachers yesterday. They are both very kind and I think he’ll be happy with them. They job share. One is there Mon, Tue and every other Wed, the other is the alternate Wed, Thurs, Fri. The bummer is that the kids don’t get to eat lunch. They start at 11:25, and have a snack at 12:30. The teachers aren’t wild about it, but it’s a district policy for the pm kinders. I won’t tell you how many stores I went to and how much I spent on a thermos for Nate that matches his brothers. Oh well. He can use it next year. And for several years after that, if it’s as good as its price tag.

Today, I walked Lexy to the school to see what teacher and room he has. It was nice going just the two of us, even though it was nearly a hundred degrees and none too shady a walk.

Oh no. Sophie just came back here with one of those tiny plastic kid cups, holds maybe 2 ounces or so. She’s drinking room temperature black coffee and saying, “I a goan-up. I not get sick from this coffee.” Combine that with her long long nap this afternoon, and it’s safe to say I’ll be up late tonight with her, watching some of those videos from the library.

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