Where did August get to?


School started yesterday and the boys are thrilled. They love the school and the other kids and their teachers. I’ll remember this, and remember to remind them, when the newness wears off and they whine about going. For now it’s good, though.

I’m spending all my online time trying to win just one damn ebay auction. I’m looking for all in one cloth diapers. I’m finally making the switch back to cloth, but rather than a service I’ll wash them my self. I keep getting outbid. Grrrr. The last auction I lost had the cutest diaper that was white with cherries on it. I did order some pretty ones, but if I can get them cheaper that’s important these days.

Willow bit me while nursing. Hard. Bleeding hard. Of course the cut won’t heal and every time she nurses on that side I see stars and think I’ll pass out. Question is, will I be able to resist bringing it up during the awful arguments we’re sure to have in twelve years?

I need to go start supper. Looks like we’ll have rice, Korean-style baked tofu (thanks to Trader Joe’s), broccoli and cauliflower and maybe garlic bread. Chicken nuggets for the meat-eaters. I can tell I’ll need some iced coffee first.

2 thoughts on “Where did August get to?

  1. santosha

    you have my email, right? i think i’m giving up the cloth diaper ghost and i have quite a few bumkins all-in-ones. i wish i could say i’d just send them, but maybe we can work something out?

    email me, i’ve got to dig them all out and see sizes and how many!


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