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Today I was driving home from the video store and Trader Joe’s, basking in my aloneness by listening to the newest Jolie Holland cd and actually getting to hear (!) the songs, when I noticed the vanity plate on the luxury car ahead of me. It read “X U R S I Z E.” I don’t know the guy’s intent there, but in my mind it was clear that THIS was the spammer who keeps sending me email about enlarging my peni$ to please my woman! I read it as “check your size,” or “enlarge your $ize,” but you know that grey lump you saw in the street near the curb was my brain, so hmmm. What do you think it means?

This is John’s last night at his night job. I’m doing a happy dance. It feels like we’re finally about to really start living together after years of having opposite schedules. Yay!!

Heh. Sophie is asleep in the next room and she’s laughing. She said, “TinTin!! We hafta find OJoe!!!” which leads me to belive that she’s having a TinTin/Bear in the Big Blue House dream. Sounds fun. Last night I had yet another dream that was set in a movie theatre (like the fourth one in as many days) and ended with a giant wave coming and washing away me and my friend Jane as we walked outside at a carnival. Maybe I should focus on kids’ shows while I drift off.

I was really really numbingly depressed for a few days (totally hormonal) but now I am MANICALLY happy. I am full of ideas and positive thoughts and even talked the boys into starting crafts this weekend for christmas gifts. That’s sort of sick, I think. I am seeking an even keel. Wish me luck.

*****added after rereading this in the preview mode*****
I get it now. Exercise. Heh heh. I had to see it written like that to get it. My original reading was much funnier.

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  1. Rachael

    LOL about the XURSIZE. I took it as exercise, but then I could see where you are coming from too. I hate those emails. I get at least 2 a day.


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