Springtime in NOLA

Ok, so before you play this video, here’s the setting:

Jenny and I took a cab to Cafe du Monde for some midnight beignets and we grabbed the table in the corner front of the outside seating because it gave us visual access to the sidewalk and street and the paved area next to the restaurant.  What can we say?  We like staring at people.  Having a view of the street turned out to be a bad thing, and not just because the wind was blowing the smell of horses right to us, but also because that was where the drunk dude with all the dressed up ladies got into the front seat of a cab, shut the door, then opened the door, wretched in the gutter and closed the door before they left and, yeah, that still makes my stomach flip to think about.  Also, the wind was blowing so hard that we were both covered in powdered sugar – really it was everywhere.


On the paved area next to Cafe du Monde there was a couple, maybe early twenties or something, and they had their beignets in a bag.  I guess they ate them all and had the bag with all the powdered sugar in it still, and the guy, he kinda busted the bag open on the girl and covered her in powdered sugar.  Then she went to the trash, got out another bag, opened it and dumped that all over him.  This went on for awhile, and then there was a fairly hot makeout session and then they got on their bicycles and rode off into the night.  Then this happened: 

And, then, after that, we talked about going home and starting powdered sugar fights with our men, and we were cracking up picturing us walking up to them and dumping powdered sugar all over them and them going What the in the everlovin hell are you doing?  And us going, Uh, this is sexy?  And them saying, Whatever, I’m going to shower, you freak.  Only, please keep in mind these were separate events, we weren’t going for a group activity here.

Yeah.  So.  Everything is sexier in NOLA.  The End.  

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