Soph and her Ironic Feminist Easter Eggs

Last Saturday the girls and I dyed Easter eggs.  I thought the boys were going to join us, so I made 4+ dozen eggs the night before (oh, 5+ dozen if you count the ones I boiled for deviled eggs for Easter lunch, and I do count them, definitely).  Willow made nice, pretty eggs that said things like Happy and Family and MOM (awwwww).  You know those wax crayons that the egg dying kit comes with, right?  And how you can write on your egg and it’ll keep the dye from that spot so you can make designs and words?  See:


On Friday, the day before we dyed the eggs, Sophie’s class watched what we’re all calling The Puberty Video.  She already knew pretty much everything there is to know, but still the whole thing is inherently filled with wonder and dread and all-consuming fascination.  I think I remember that feeling, but I only knew a smidgen of what she knows when I was her age, so for me it was more, uh, vague, I guess. And dreadful.

Anyway, Sophie was making striped eggs and pretty blue ones and then she wrote on one and slipped it into the dye.  When she was ready to lift it out she said, HEY!  LOOKIT MY EGG! and pulled up this gem:


There are so many, many humans on this planet, and yet I am willing to bet that this is the world’s first and only Easter egg that says Tampon

Here are a few others from her series


You’ll notice that Pad has a heart around it, and period is red.  I sent the above photo to Jenny via a text message, and she named them Ironic Feminist Eggs.  I’m not 100% sure of the artist’s intent here, but they made us laugh and then they made a damn fine egg salad for Monday’s lunchboxes.  

10 thoughts on “Soph and her Ironic Feminist Easter Eggs

  1. Jenijen

    I will – we miss you, too, LOTS. Willow was with me on Easter and was asking about why we couldn’t go to your house. I told her you were all barfing 🙁 xo

  2. Laurie

    What an awesome girl! I love this. That is such overused blog terminology, but it’s all I have. And while I’ve met you before at other conferences, and this one may have been over the top in some ways, I have to say that I felt deeply on that over-the-top night that I got to spend a little bit of time with you that I was so glad you were there.
    I need to come visit y’all in California, like it or not. I hope you like it. 😉

  3. Shoebox Princess

    Did she label one “ovum?” (too obvious maybe?)
    That is so funny! She can come decorate graduation cupcakes next year. Last year at Jimmy’s party, we had one with “dork” on it.


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