The boys are sitting on the bottom bunk bed playing Mancala.  I love that they have grown old and up enough to play games like that without fights and whining, and that even though they do play their share of video games the classic simple games still appeal to them.  I have great memories of playing that with my brother when we were little.

Soph had her last day of preschool on Friday.  The party was fun and my boys were so well behaved I could have wept!





I’m very relaxed right now thanks to some prescription medicine.  I  got a nasty migraine today, the worst I’ve had since I was so ill while pregnant with Willow.  John reminded me that I had some leftover vicodin from an ear infection a few months ago, so I took one.  It worked somewhat after an hour, and I slept a little bit and felt mostly better.  Then, after I got up and started taking care of dishes and laundry, I could feel it coming back.  So I took a second pill, about three or four hours after the first.  Nothing hurts. 

I ought to go put the children to bed.  I’ll leave you with a link to The BreezeHouse, cousin of the GlideHouse.  The future sometimes seems like a good destination. 

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  1. jenny

    jen- thk signed up for some program online and received a coupon for 100 tokens at chuck e cheeeze with purchase of a large pizza… we used it today and it came out to be less than $20 for a large pizza AND 100 tokens!!

    if sophie hasn’t had her party yet, I’ll email you the coupon.

  2. jenny r

    I keep my leftover vicodin for this very reason! You know, I was hard core after I had Olivia and barely used any. I was sticking to the milder stuff b/c I didn’t want to put myself into a fog and neglect anyone’s needs 😉


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