The first day of the rest of our life

At Sophie's bday party

So that kid up there, who used to be this baby down here

teeny Sophie

just turned ten.

I love her so much I can’t even tell you.

dog kisses

There’s no one on the planet quite like her. 

Sophie's t-shirt from Paris

And I know that’s true of every person on the planet, but it’s truer of her.

Miss Hairdresser

If she didn’t make me furious so often, she would totally be my favorite.

I’m kidding.  I don’t have a favorite.


But I do have a goofiest.

jack-o-lantern teeth

She said something to me the other day so funny and so profane I can’t even repeat it. 
gilroy memorial day 10 027

She regularly amazes me by being more kind and thoughtful than most adults, and at the same time I know there are houses where she’s not allowed to go play because of something she’s done or said that she shouldn’t have.

amelia earhart soph 039

But that’s okay.  My mom once said to me when I was upset because someone didn’t like me, Well, you don’t like everyone, so why on earth would you expect everyone to like you?

Sophie is TEN

I really hope that we’re able to look at each other in another ten years and be as happy to be mother and daughter as we are now.  I can tell that her being a teenager is going to be a trial for the both of us. On her tenth birthday I woke up and looked at her sleeping next to me in my bed and I swear I heard a ding and instructions to fasten my seatbelt.

So, in addition to now being the mother of a tween girl, I have some other VERY EXCITING news to share.  Today Scuba will take his LAST FINAL FOR GRAD SCHOOL. 

DUDE.  I’m so freaking happy I can barely contain myself. 

He’s been in school since we started dating almost three years ago, and he’d been in for a year before that.  I think that I’m even happier about him finishing than he is, though, because this means that I’ll actually get to see him.  Like, all the time. 

And we will do a whole lot more of this

SG free diving w/ video camera

And this


And for the whole rest of my life, when I look ahead, I will get to see this

SG beach stairs

I know probably nobody wants to read all the sappy I’m so in love stuff, so now’s the time to look away. 

Scuba, I have never been happier than I have been these past few years.  We’ve talked a lot about when school is done, and now all of a sudden, here it is, done in just a few more hours.  And it feels like everything is about to get even better.  It feels like the best gift ever, this future we’ve got waiting for us to make an amazing life together.  I totally love you (big time).  xo 

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  1. Jenijen

    I really don’t know about that! But thanks, darlin. I have to say that a few hours after I wrote that, I ended up yelling at my kids SO LOUDLY that I have a sore throat today. So, you know, it’s a seesaw, right?


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