This is a real, actual, unedited email

That I just wrote to my mom.

Subject:  halp?


One of the kids left an inside light on in my van last night and when I
went to drive to John’s at 10:30 tonight to drop off the coffee he got
today that I put in my freezer and that I know he’ll want in the
morning, but he can’t come pick it up because he’s already asleep, I
discovered the battery is dead.  I’ve got a portable jumper cable
charger thing, and I knew it needed to be charged, so I went to get it
and the cord out of the back of the van.  Turns out, the box with the
cord that I *thought* was the charger for the jumper thing, is one of
YOUR portable air mattress pumps, which means I never returned it after
camping with the girl scouts last year.

So, if you have time tomorrow, I’d greatly appreciate 1) a ride over
to Kragen’s so i can buy cables and, 2) a jump start.  : )  And I can
give you that pump back.  If last summer I gave you the box with the
jump starter charger thing in it, we can even trade!  But, that jump
starter thing is sort of old and crusty and I’m worried that if I
plugged it in, it would explode.  Also, I bet that the box with the
charger, which was smaller, duh, but the same white thin cardboard, got
accidentally thrown in to the goodwill donation truck one of the times I
was dropping stuff off there.  Or, it’s actually in the back of my van
and I couldn’t see it because I was using my iPhone as a flashlight and
there’s a case of water, two backpacks full of old clothes for goodwill,
a couple of lawn chairs and boogieboards in the back.  But, I didn’t
want to stand out there and keep looking any more, because the people
across the street are moving out in the middle of the night, probably
bailing on their rent, and so THAT was a little awkward, but then I
thought what if those were robbers who might take me out if I looked at
them too long, so I just came back inside.  

I unfortunately have to do a TON of driving tomorrow, because the girls
are going to a party in sunnyvale in the afternoon but willow will be at
camp and also need to get a gift.. Monday hasn’t even started yet and
it’s already sucky.  Also, I haven’t had a drop of booze.  I’m just
stress drunk. 

Love you

5 thoughts on “This is a real, actual, unedited email

  1. Mom

    Interesting email to find on awakening. We started your van and I hope the rest of your day went without a hitch. I managed to make 2 trips to Home Depot. Nuff said.

  2. Jenijen

    The kids came into my room holding the hot faucet handle from their bathtub, saying, Uh, this came off?
    Haha. Thanks for getting me mobile again! xo

  3. Katherine

    Funny, if I did an email to mom she would see it days after I sent it. Your mom must be pretty cool!
    My son corrects me every time…when I was young they were boogie boards. But REAL body boarders call them body boards, according to him. (Mr. Snooty Pants!) But to me, that sounds like something that comes off an ambulance!


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