This is absolutely my favorite time of the year.  After Willow and I came home from dropping Soph off at school, she asked me if she could "play grass."  Play grass is mostly running around the front yard, jumping off the tree stump, looking at stuff.  Today the big tree near the driveway was dropping lots of tiny yellow leaves as the wind blew.  Willow giggled and jumped and danced under them.  "Leaves!  Fall!"  she shouted.  We pulled some weeds out so the grass would stand more of a chance.  At least it is green out there.  Finally we came in the gate to make some lunch, watch a little Blooze Cluze, kick off our shoes and cuddle.  On the way in I saw that all the baby trees I haven’t had the heart to pull up have started to turn and drop their leaves, too.  I need to pull most of them, because they are right up next to the house, but I feel too guilty.  I also can’t bring myself to kill snails.  Sometimes I have weed pulling guilt, too, to tell the truth.  I blame our messy yard on John, but really I’m probably more to blame.  Anyhow, the tiny trees now have green, gold, red, and yellow leaves.  I’m not going to pull the ones near the house until winter, and there are two or three that sprouted in good places, so they can stay.   

I feel all maudlin.  But maybe that’s partly because it’s autumn and it’s kind of nice to be a little sad and sentimental.  Also our favorite doctor ever died on Sunday.  He took care of Nate and Willow’s eye problems, and performed Nate’s eye surgery when he was three.  I’m very very sad that he’s gone.

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  1. Dixie

    There’s just something about fall that’s very bittersweet to me. And you mentioning how you’re feeling right now is making me think of something I may need to write to get out of my system.

    Play grass. Jeez, that’s so sweet.


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