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Taken literally, this video is really depressing, so I like to use my English major mode and think of it as symbolic of rainbows and flowers and puppies.  I stop short of actually making the connection, but it saves me from having to add more sad to my mix.  I’m feeling full up on the sad, thanks.  
I fixed the broken iPod part of my new phone last night (updated iTunes, wiped the phone, restored the phone, reloaded the music), so this morning I made the boys listen to *my* music while I drove them to camp.  Camp is up at the top of a redwood-covered mountain that’s a bit of a drive, but it’s so pretty, especially early in the morning.  On the way home I listened to Sigur Ros, and this song was on as I drove back into town.  (I actually do live in a town.  It’s in the middle of Silicon Valley, yes, but it’s a town.)  With this music as the backdrop everything I saw was beautified.  A car hugging a curve; a little wobbly bespeckled boy on his bike with his backpack headed to summer school and the crossing guard who held her stop sign up toward me to let him pass safely; birds landing on phone lines; a woman walking her dog.  
I like having that perspective on the ordinary.  Or maybe nothing is even ordinary and we just realize that from time to time. At any rate, I’m keeping headphones on this morning while I listen and work.  You wouldn’t even believe how much the music is improving this decaf coffee.

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