van love

Boy howdy do I have a crush on my new (used) little van.  The kids are all funny and excited about it, too, clambering all over the inside and begging to go for a ride.  No dice tonight, though, since Willow was asleep by the time the big kids arrived home.  Tomorrow we will go visit my insurance agent to take her a check for the new policy and then if I am brave enough, I will take everyone to the dmv with me.  I figure that has to be my payback karma for all sorts of evil things I have done over the years.  It predict it will even make it so that I am owed some serious goodness.  Four kids from ages 2-8 at the dmv.  Something tells me that m and m’s won’t cut it this time. 

I just remembered tonight about the tax.  Bummer. 

Since blogher I have been spending a rather unhealthy amount of time online.  There is too much goodness for me to ingest.   I’m stuffed, but still gobbling blogs even though the extra is dripping down my chin.  It’s that good.  Also, I have lots of new people stopping by.  You know that makes it impossible for me to write anything remotely funny.  I can’t even decide how to tell about Willow trying to convince me to nurse with her.  It should be pretty comical (okay for some folks: horrifying) to read about a two year old seizing the breast she isn’t using and trying to entice her mother to partake with her by telling her how good the nee is.  "Like it, mama!  Good nee!  Try some?"  I always say, "No thanks honey, I take mine on the rocks, only babies can handle it straight up" which makes her laugh.   

I know!  Since I’m a mommyblogger, I’ll talk about poop!  Today there was lots! of! poop!!!!  Sophie pooped her pants while playing hide and go seek.  "I shoulda hide in the toilet, I guess," she said.

Kay.  That was pathetic, but I’m tapped.  Come back later when everyone is gone and I ditch the performance anxiety. 

Jen, you wanna see pictures of Willow.  Maybe I can swing that tomorrow when John gets back from work with the camera.  We need two cameras around here.  Spoiled.

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  1. mar

    I am (was) so ashamed of my deep deep love for my first minivan last year. I resisted it so long and then once finally confronted by the sweet sweet bliss it brings to my life, I have completely capitulated and become the world’s most “outed” minivan LOVE-ER. You will feel crippled without it soon enough.

    I’m also enjoying your blog. The BlogHer links have helped me find a whole new community of cool as hell women writers. I’ve been searching for more “AP” friendly blogs. I appreciate and enjoy the stories about nursing 2 year olds. That’s is precisely why I bookmarked you. And, I need to tell you that your blog is so much more than a “Mommy Blog”. (Gah.) So, thanks!


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