Jenny advised me to put some favorite posts in the side bar.  You can’t not follow her advice.  To your right, unless you read upside down, you will see the self centered hokey pokey.  Also, a link to John’s flickr page, which is mostly filled with the incredible nature shots he gets at work.   

Nap time.

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  1. jess

    I really enjoyed reading about Willow and feel an overwhelming sense of Hey! That’s my life. I’m glad BlogHer was great. I wish I could have gone, but next year.

    What do you do if you get a really (unwarranted) negative comment?

  2. Jen

    I wish you could have been there. It was great to meet all these amazing women. Next time it ought to be a two day thing, with more socializing and less running from panel to panel.

    Sadly, I have never had a troll or mean comments. Because I think my readership is small. The women I met yesterday who have, generally said ‘fuck em’ or they used the negative comments as the main feature of the next post and trashed the troll! Grace turned her mean commenter into a fundraiser for her friend’s breast cancer walk.

  3. Jenny

    Jen! It was so incredible to meet you in person. I hope that it won’t take another conference for us to see one another again.

  4. GraceD

    Jen, if Jenny told me to walk around Downtown Santa Cruz wearing thigh high boots and nothing else, I would do it, Jenny’s word is that powerful.

    But, then again, the presence of exhibitionists in kinky shoes are an everyday occurence in Santa Cruz. I suppose we’d have to arrange to meet such a demand from Jenny in, say, Des Moines, Iowa.

    Still, I would do it.

  5. Jenn

    Jen! I am so glad I got to meet you at BlogHer! I absolutely adore you! I promise I (probably) won’t stalk you (too much) now. In fact, next time I promise to just borrow any baby I see JUST FOR YOU no matter how strange that might be. (Anything for the cause, sistah!)

  6. Elena

    I found your blog with Google’s new blog search. At first I just thought it was funny that you have two daughters named Sophie and Willow, and I have two dogs with the same names (please don’t take that the wrong way!), but after reading for a while, I find that we have a few other things in common, and I’m really enjoying your posts. Thanks!


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