We took 1 of our 4 kids to Maui and the other 3 didn’t freak out (much)

So the big kids had a big trip planned with their dad and stepmom this summer, and Scuba suggested that we bring Willow along with us on our big trip to Maui at the same time, so that she could have a big trip, too.  So, we did, and the fallout from the big kids was really minimal.  Maybe we’ll find tacks in the bed or ground glass in our coffee over it sometime soon, but they’re all acting normal FOR NOW.

The first thing we did when we got to Hawaii with Willow was take her to the beach so she could see that some oceans are warm.  Cause, dude, the Pacific in northern CA is not ever warm, not even a little. 

Hawaii August 2011 1 146.JPG

This photo is straight outta my point and shoot, no editing. The light in Hawaii, it makes me happy happy happy.

Okay really the first thing we did was go to Costco and buy bacon and booze and other essentials for the condo we rented, and stop at the ABC store for beach mats and towels, but right after that we walked across the street to the beach right by our condo to watch the sun go down.

Hawaii August 2011 1 136.JPG

She was impressed, to say the least.

The next day, we drove to Ahihi, which may be my favorite place on the planet, second only to my grandparents’ houses. 

Hawaii August 2011 1 165.JPG

Scuba gave Willow her first snorkeling lesson, and she took to it immediately.  He tried three or four times to bring her back to shore, but she insisted on staying in the water longer, even when she got a little cold. 

The rest of our days were spent in the water and at shave ice stands.

Side a da road shave ice.jpg

Side of the road shave ice from a food truck near Makena Beach.  Her favorite was Ululani’s in Lahina.  Mine and Scuba’s, too!

We ate well and slept well and played hard and shopped.  The weather was perfect, we all got along, and there were only brief homesick tears.  I think three long trips this summer on top of a week of day camp were a little much at one moment for a very tired Willow.

I didn’t take enough photos again this trip, but I did get some of Willow at the very fun and 100% kid-friendly luau we went to at Polynesian Village.

Hawaii August 2011 2 052.JPG

She kept calling Chief FiaFia That crazy Canadian dude, until we FINALLY got through to her that he was from Samoa. 


Hawaii August 2011 2 053.JPG

and hula dancers:

Hawaii August 2011 2 054.JPG

Need to teach that kid to bust out the shaka in her Hawaii photos!

One of the best things we did this trip was get Willow and Scuba ukuleles.  She got an impromptu lesson from a Hawaiian family in the airport while we were waiting for our flight, and it was so fun to watch.  I’ve had my ukulele for a year now and I rarely practice, so maybe with the three of us all learning, I’ll make some headway.  And then we can make a video.  Like this one

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