Well, I can see that I have new email messages, but I can’t get into my mailbox. 

What a day.  I’ll leave it at that, since it wasn’t a bad day in the entertaining or interesting way.  Meredith, I have to thank you again (here, since I can’t email) for sending me to your mechanic.  He fixed my car in less than 24 hours for a hundred and fifty bucks less than my usual place.  Sorry I didn’t stop by when I picked it up tonight.  Most of the bad day was caused by having (cover your eyes, major too much information ahead) one of the worst periods ever.  Ugh.  I had to get home.  But, I’d love to take you to coffee or something sometime.  Jeez, I sound so vague, you’d think I’m a guy!

I decided to go to Blogher.  Because Jen and tonic is going.  And so should you.

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  1. shannon

    Hey Jen,

    Believe me, we’re working the sex angle πŸ™‚ The more I try to tune in with what’s going on though, the more I realize everytging – the sex, exercise, etc. can only speed things up if thinns have already started….Trying to be patient πŸ™‚ Hugs! -Shannon

  2. Jen

    Don’t we get our own little meet up room or something? Every time I go somewhere with Sophie she jumps out of the car and says, “Hey, we’re in Sophiacity!” so, I think Jentown or perhaps, Jenland, is only fair.


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