Who knew?

I was sweeping the kitchen floor when a totally revolutionary idea came to me.  I called out to Nathan, who was playing the Wii, Hey — wanna mop in here after I finish sweeping

He said he would, and then the girls d e m a n d e d chores to do, too.  Fair’s fair.  I gave them a spray bottle of Mrs.Meyers and a couple of rags and had them clean the cabinet doors, walls, and trash can in their bathroom.  Then, they cleaned the kitchen table (it was already clean, but I wasn’t about to tell them no) and they mopped a little more, which resulted in a really puddly, but clean! kitchen floor.

Um.  This is what normal people do, isn’t it?  I totally want to spy on other families and see how they do things.  I think I’d be amazed.

4 thoughts on “Who knew?

  1. gwendomama

    holymotherofgod i bow to thee. really and truly.
    am SO going to try that one.
    caveat is, that, if i had NATHAN, it would totally work. (since supergirl is all worshipy over him and all)

  2. mamasutra

    Oh, I am so waiting for the day when, not only do my wee girls want to help (because they already really really want to help), but they can actually do some stuff. Right now, we’re in the whap each other in the head with the swiffer that is bigger than both kids put together (not quite, but almost).

  3. Liz M

    This is amazing, because yesterday was The. Very. Day. I discovered my kid not only enjoys but will offer to do *more* chores if I ask him to do one.

    Yesterday he cleaned the counter in his bathroom, then got excited about having done that and asked if he could scrub the kitchen floor. Then he cleaned the glass door to the balcony, windexed the table, and swept the dining room. Of course, our kitchen and dining room take up about eight square feet of space together, but I’ll take it.

  4. Kim

    My 8-year old loves to vacuum, and run the lint roller over the couch to get up all the dog hair. I need to steam clean my carpets this weekend so I’m hoping her love of the vacumm will translate to the carpet cleaner. Here’s hoping….


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