Big Top (mostly unintelligible)

Isn’t it sweet when you take your kids to the circus for the afternoon? You get them popcorn, cotton candy, sno cones, light up swords and little fiber optic flashlight thingies, a ride on a train and down a slide, a stint in the huge jump house and (after a few ((John, who dealt with this particular tantrum is praying that if what he dealt with was “few” he never ever sees “many”)) tears) the purple unicorn “ballonie” in the concession area, and as you walk over to take them to the children’s museum for even more child-centered fun, they melodically whine and moan and bitch and drag their feet all because of the goddamned cheap-ass two dollar ninja sword that you really just had to refuse them because it is just like the one that came with their Halloween outfit last year that, although it broke the very first time it felt the tender flesh of their younger sibling’s arm, is still sitting at home, unused, except by Willow as a chew toy occasionally when she crawls into the boys’ bedroom and gets to the dress up bin. And don’t you feel good about your parenting as you try to decide if you should tell them to a) Please, honey, shut the fuck up about the ninja sword, or b) Shut the fuck up about the ninja sword RIGHT NOW?

So, you know, the circus was fun and the circus also was heinous. Ah, I see now that the circus itself was not hellacious, but rather some of the “boys and girls.” The kicker was that not only did Soph bite a hole in the ballonie “ONA COIN” (that’d be unicorn), but after I fixed it and blew it back up she insisted on taking it with her to visit her father today and then when she came home she said, right to John’s face, “I HATE THE COWBOY HORSE ONA COIN.” And I was seriously thinking holy shit if I were him I think I’d take her out right now. Because he wasn’t going to buy the ballonie thing, but she had one of the most spectacular fits ever and he was missing much of the circusness of the day, and I told him that hey, she’s only three, not even three, and she is tired and she can’t help it and I know how bad I want that ninety nine dollar shirt in the jjill catalogue, so maybe we should just get it for her because we’re at the circus and it’s supposed to be about fun and really, I think, about excess, SO WE REWARDED HER WITH WHAT SHE WANTED AND TAUGHT HER THAT THE BEST WAY IS TO RAISE A HUGE FUSS!!!!

But, most importantly, we got out of the damn circus alive. Barely.

That was only part of the day!

But the rest was better, for me, anyway. I went out promising to come home by 9 pm and came home at about midnight. I felt like a kid and came in apologizing and John just said how glad he was for me that I was finally able to get out and relax for a few hours. Have I ever mentioned how much I love him?? He knew where I was and I had my phone and knew he’d have called if totally necessary, so I wasn’t being too flaky, but I still felt bad about being so late.

I was at my friend KR’s swap party and I took a buch of stuff left over from the garage sale. I came home with some real 501’s that are too long but will look pretty when I cut them off and put ribbon , ribbon, oh my god, ribbon! at the hem. Yes, I know that look is really not of this century, but I remember the first time I saw jeans like that in the Anthropologie catalog back when they didn’t even have retail stores and I didn’t even have kids yet and they were like $125, and I remember just loving how they looked and trying in vain to find some that I could afford and now my little dream is maybe going to happen (if I can get ribbon I like) so even if it’s not totally fashionable I will wear them proudly.

What is with me? I’m verbose.

I also brought home a couple of dresses that I’ll never wear, and a t shirt I wore today and a pair of black jeans that fit (barely) even though a month or two ago they would have been at least three sizes too big. Yeah, so I’m no longer adding soy milk to my coffee, I’m drinking water instead of juice or root beer, and I’m trying very hard to keep my mitts off John’s peanut butter filled chocolate covered pretzels. Isn’t that just the most evil product you have ever heard of?

I’m now posting to this cooking blog. I should go do that now. Or tomorrow. Gotta share my pita bread making experience. Hey, I made pita bread and mopped the floor today. I also did laundry and continued to save all Willow’s poop in a big plastic tub kept in the fridge so the lab can analyze it, AGAIN. She is fine. Leave her alone. Go pick on somebody else’s poop. We also went grocery shopping to two stores, yet I was unable to get canned peaches. I could have purchased peaches in a jar, but I was too cheap to get them at Trader Joe’s for $3.29, and certainly too cheap to spend $oh my god, does that say SEVEN dollars$ at Whole Foods. Tomorrow I’ll walk over to Safeway and get some so I can make this (scroll down to the one with broccoli and peaches). Yum. Goodnight.

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