Eeeeeeek! Preschool! Hide!

Nate starts school tomorrow. This was such an exciting prospect for him until about two hours ago. I don’t know if he’ll go in the morning or not. I’ll try to convince him. Maybe it won’t be so scary when the sun’s up.

John bought me a cd today, so I’m listening to the latest Mazzy Star disc, which is eight years old. I get there eventually.

We have all sorts of gore around here; Soph skinned both her knees, my nose piercing is icky all of a sudden and John has an injured hand. I’m sure he will write about it later tonight.

I am sleepy sleepy sleepy.

I’m all ready to cook dinners this week. We’ll have penne putanesca (without the anchovies); green chili /tomato quesedillas and an avocado and pinto bean salad; pineapple and peanut stew over rice. . . I’m getting hungry again.

I ought to get some rest so I can get Nate to school in the morning. The hardest part will be getting Sophie to leave after we drop him off. She always is begging to, “go to cass and da payground.” I’ll brew some strong coffee in a few hours.

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