Wishing for a spell check button

We got to go to the doctor again today. A different one. Willow has recently visited the
physical therapist
urgent care doctor
and sweet lab guy who apologizes over and over for drawing her blood.

None of them are ever on time except the physical therapist and the sweet lab guy. Next week we will see the nutritionist after I keep a meticulous record of everything the little girl child puts in her mouth for 72 hours. Soon after, the opthamologist (I know it’s spelled incorrectly, I am too lazy to use the dictionary and besides you know what I mean, right?) and I suppose a neurologist to administer the eeg.

She is such a little old woman.

I’m listening to a band called Six Organs of Admittance, but since the picture of the album doesn’t appear on the listy thing, I won’t put it on the list. Sometimes I’m such a virgo.

The pop up thing is getting me down. I turn on the pop up blocker and it lets the junk through while blocking the pop up tools I want to use. Annoying.

Tomorrow we’ll all (except Lex who’ll be at school) go to Hidden Villa with John while he does his volunteer gig leading six year olds around the farm. I hope we don’t get him fired from his volunteer job.

Think I’ll sleep some. If you want to read some of my short fiction click here or here or here. Don’t complain if it’s bad. The whole point is to make them only a page and very raw and drafty like. (by the way — as Nate is so so fond of saying these days — if you want to read John’s stories, he’s J)

And while I’m at it, here are sites for two very talented friends, one from New York City I’ve never met or even spoken to, and one who has on more than one occasion had to eat dinner here with all of us and watch children’s films of questionable quality while being crawled on and called by the wrong name.

2 thoughts on “Wishing for a spell check button

  1. elayne

    “opthamologist” is how it OUGHT to be spelled, though! I usually balk at phonetic variations of words, insisting that if one wants to use a word one can learn how it’s spelled properly – I draw the line at opthamologist. The “proper” spelling of that word is a crime.
    Don’t worry so much about the spellcheck, you hardly ever have any errors in your posts. (c:

    How’s the typepad thing working? I’m considering it, but not sure if it’d work the way I want it to… maybe I’ll make a secret blog and try it out that way.


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