elle semble seulement douce



One of Sophie’s Parisian fashion scores from her aunt and grandmother’s trip. 

Lex and Nate have a friend spending the day today.  So nice for me, because they just want to sit in their room under the super cool fort they built, playing with star wars characters, playing a little sponge bob video game and listening to a queen cd.  They’ve hardly bothered me at all.  I’m going to take everyone over to get an ice cream cone in a minute. 

Later we will try and check out the mammoth fossil, if they aren’t already finished digging it up. 

3 thoughts on “elle semble seulement douce

  1. Mrs. Kennedy

    Oh! Oh! Oh! I saw those t-shirts in Paris, but they cost eight million billion euros so I passed. What a very nice aunt and grandmother she has! I wonder if I could achieve a similar effect with a blank t-shirt and a Sharpie.


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