everybody was kung fu fighting


I cooked this weekend, using the oven, just to see how hot I could make the kitchen.  Yikes, it was bad.  But the food was good, and I haven’t been cooking enough lately. 

Was that totally boring?  Yes.  But, with a point!

That pizza was made with fresh tomatoes, green bell pepper, anaheim chilies, and a couple of jalapenos from the garden of a friend of a friend.  The whole time I was chopping I was thinking of urban legends.  You know, the ‘friend of a friend’ stories.  Like, is it true that black belts have to register their hands as deadly weapons with the local police department??  Stay tuned, I’ll go find out. 

Naw.  It’s a legend.

I wish I could remember who told me that their friend did that.  It’s gonna keep me up all night.

Willow is up.  Here she comes to visit me. 

I’m very sad that Peter Jennings died.  I have a huge crush on him.  (Jeez, how is that for all about me??)

Time to put the baby back to bed.

9 thoughts on “everybody was kung fu fighting

  1. shannon

    I hadn’t even considered an infection Jen, thanks for pointing it out. It’ll give me a chane tu use the temporal lobe thermometer someone got us – so space age. 🙂

  2. jenny

    i found out this morning while riding the bus into work that Peter Jennings had died.

    I don’t know why, but I didn’t even know he had had lung cancer! wtf was I? under a rock??

    I had a crush on him, too. I never really watched Cronkite, Brokaw, or Rather, but clearly remember watching Peter Jennings on with the ABC news logo behind him late at night with my dad.

    sad, it really is.

  3. jess

    I’m very sad about Peter Jennings too. I think it’s frightening too as he was the exact same age as my mom and I remember how when i was growing u we always had to watch Peter!

    Pizza sounds yummy, there’s nothing like fresh from the garden.

  4. Meghan

    I adored Peter Jennings. He was poetic, a calming voice of reason and introspect during 9/11 and I love that he is a canadian grateful dead fan. He was so non-newscasterish that I think it made him a better newscaster.
    He was also really really cute. I am sad.

    The pizza looks phenomenal. Yum.

  5. VenturaMom

    As for urban legends…go to snopes.com. It’s a husband and wife team who spend their lives de-bunking urban legends. How cool is that? Like superheros for dorks like us!

  6. jenB

    i love snopes! and that pizza looks fabu’!

    and of course you loved peter jennings, he was canadian. we are all lovely.

    i always cook less in the summer because of the heat. such that it is here this year….

  7. Donna

    It’s funny in our mass media world, how we can be affected by the death of someone we don’t even know. I was sad to hear the news about Peter Jennings, too. Out of the three network anchors, he always seemed the most trustworthy and reassuring.

    The pizza sounds fabulous!

  8. Jenny

    That was me who said my sister had to register with the police!!! I just called her and she laughed and said she (and I quote) loves telling that to people because it sounds bad-ass.

    She freakin’ lied to ME so I would think she’s a bad ass. Like I didn’t already.

    She’s going down!


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