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My children won’t eat lots of things that I think they ought to like.  Things like oatmeal cookies, banana pancakes, chocolate dipped strawberries.  However two of them will cry, real tears, if they don’t get "egg chips" with their scrambled eggs.  You know what egg chips are???  It’s the crispy crap that is left on the sides of the frying pan after you make the eggs.  I have to deal with a tantrum if I forget to not scrape the sides of the pan at just the right time to make the egg chips.  It’s an art.  It’s like making a souffle with all the work and none of the reward.  Unless you like egg chips that is.  If you do, you are weird. 

13 thoughts on “kid food

  1. Jen

    You ate cream of wheat??? You must’ve been a dream child. My oldest son has got me trained to make chocolate scones for breakfast all. the. time.

  2. Lisa V

    My kids like the burnt cheese in a pan left over from grilled cheese or quesedillas. I like it too actually, so sometimes I snarf it up before they get the chance.

  3. Jen

    Mmmmmmmm. Toasted cheese is so good. When I made pizza tonight I ate some that was so toasty it almost wouldn’t come off the foil.

  4. mar

    In my house, one kid will only eat PB & J with the crusts cut off. The other will only eat the crusts (and soy yogurt and corn on the cob.) But at least they complement each other.

  5. City Elf

    Like Still Life, my niece Anna loves the lumps in Cream of Wheat. Not only loves them, but REFUSES TO EAT lumpless Cream of Wheat. When I was a child, my sister (Anna’s mom) used to make me lumpy Cream of Wheat and I turned up my nose at it. Now, her daughter literally bursts into tears if there aren’t lumps in her Cream of Wheat and my sister, in her anxiety, can no longer produce the lumps.

  6. Laurie

    I like egg chips. But I’ve never called them that…they were just the nibbly little things I ate while frying eggs. Thanks for a new term!

  7. julia

    Oh good lord … I HATE that crispy stuff at the edges. That is so great that your kids like it. If I so much as lightly brown an egg, I’ll actually dump it out. Talk about art … to get an egg to cook quickly enough to turn out not-rubbery, and at the same time not brown? That’s hard.

    Cream of Wheat is the smell most likely to make me throw up. My husband loves CofW and tortures me on Saturday mornings, exactly the time I should be getting stink-free sleep, by simmering a big pot full.

  8. badgerbag

    I love the crispy brown burned stuff. forget the egg or quesadilla. make it ALL burned parts!

    Rook made pancakes for my birthday and i nearly burst into tears when he gave me a plate of all “eyes” which is what my mom would call the drips of batter …


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