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Apparently, I cut off my hair just in time.  Well, a couple of months within time.  Today the microwave oven got really quite very too much HOT inside and out after I used it, and since it was made in 1998 and since, as of yesterday, the inside light sometimes works and sometimes does not, it is time to put it in the garage get rid of it.  We don’t have cable (or any) television, either, and it seems to me that no microwave + no television + multiple packs of tofu in the fridge + two parents with hair down to their butts = embarrassing hippy household that makes your kids hate you and grow up into republicans. 

We totally cannot have that.  They can hate me all they want, but I don’t want to grow any republicans!

Also, apparently, I AM allergic to poison oak.  I thought maybe I was immune, when really I was just a careful hiker.  Until about eight days ago when I went hiking in a cute skirt.  Willow walked near some poison oak and I later picked her up.  That was on a Sunday.  On Wednesday I got a funky rash on my knees that I couldn’t figure out.  Now it is on the backs of my calves and the insides of my knees and in the general area of my left elbow.  It’s not getting better and I am UNHAPPY about the whole thing.  It really really really really fucking itches.  BAD.  It is traveling and I fear where it may go.  And if it’s not cleared up before BlogHer, I won’t be able to wear the supercute skirt I scored at Tarjay for $3.74 on clearance. 

AND, itunes is broken again.

Damn.  I’m going to bed.

7 thoughts on “hippy math

  1. kirala

    Exactly! It’s a good thing most people don’t understand the universal principals of how to turn your kids into republicans.

    Good luck with the poison oak. Lots of calamine. Unless it’s really weepy, it should be gone by Blogher. Or you could ask your doc for a week of prednisone, if you’re incline to fool around with steroids.

    nothing like high temps and a baaaad itch to make for a cheerful mood.

  2. FishyGirl

    My DH used to be a landscaper, and he isn’t allergic to poison ivy. I am. Apparently, he had pulled some up when he was at work and it got all over his clothes. He took said clothes off when he got home, and I washed them. Got it all over my hands and didn’t know it. You can see where this is going, right? Poison ivy, head to toe, EVERYWHERE in between. Oy. I highly recommend the prednisone if you get itchy in a really bad place. Good luck.

  3. Suebob

    You can develop an allergy to poison ivy/oak if you are exposed enough. How much “enough” is varies from person to person. So you might have been un-allergic 2 weeks ago, but you sure as heck are allergic from now on.

    I know this doesn’t make you feel better. But when I set the record straight, I feel like the world is in just a little better order than it was before.

  4. capello


    My dad got into some poison ivy a few days ago, and rubbed his eyes and his butt.

    Then he went to the ER.

    I can’t decide if it is really funnny or really sad.

  5. Deb

    So far my 15 and 17 yr olds have survived being raised pretty granola and are as far from republican as it gets, so it really will be OK! NO worries…..

    So sorry about the poison oak and very interested b/c I also think I am somehow immune, I have rubbed it on me and never gotten it and so thought what YOU thought….ugh….

    Hope it clears up in time and I am excited to hear about BlogHer


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