neither here nor there


You can guess what the first two photos are of, but probably not the third.  The third is of a picnic table and benches that I am babysitting for awhile.  My friend K is in the middle of huge house renovation and needed to give away lots of stuff for lots of reasons.  She called me first, and she offered me this picnic table and benches.  I *love* the table.  It’s been around for ages.  I remember sitting at it outside at a party, drinking a beer while nursing Sophie and talking to a couple from the Santa Cruz mountains about housing prices. (That conversation happens all the time in this area.)  It was the first time that John had met a lot of my friends.  I think that was the same party where the blender being used to make margaritas had been hooked up to motorcycle handle bars.  You gave it a little gas and it went.  Loudly.  The first time I saw this table I coveted it.  The table and the benches both fold up, which is how it came to be propped against my wall.   I promised my friend that I was only going to babysit the table, because I know she feels the same kind of love for it I do.  I told her I’d give it back when the dust settled and they had more space.  She was really happy.  I think we both cried a little.  It’s a damn good table.

Here are the monkeys in their new mobile digs:


3 thoughts on “neither here nor there

  1. mar

    Nice photos. Lookin’sharp. I gotta go, I’m gearing up for b-day party for a five year old and shouldn’t be near this computer. Damn.


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