Me and my pottymouth


The pumpkin on the left is Willow’s first-ever totally-solo pumpkin carving venture.  I love it – it looks like it’s getting smacked upside the head.  Mine is just creepy and evil.
Yesterday morning at 8:30 was the elementary school costume parade, followed by class parties.  We brought three 12packs of mini bottled water and a dozen mini blueberry muffins, which I bought from Trader Joe’s.  So I’m walking with Willow at about 8 to her class to drop off all the drinks and food, and we’re crossing the street with a very sweet family with two little tiny adorable girls and I dropped the muffins, top of the box side down, into the street.
Of course I said, S H I T !
And then I saw the horrified parents and apologized profusely and picked up my just fine muffins.  One of the little girls suggested that Willow help me carry things.  
I slowed down and they went on ahead and Willow looked up at me and said, M O M !  But she was maybe laughing a little bit.  

Lil devil willow

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